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Pamela truly is an expert on curtains, combining over 4 decades of technical experience with deep knowledge and a love of textiles.

All made-to-measure curtains are created in-house. Also choosing the appropriate poles or tracks or fixtures is an essential part of dressing a window. Pamela will advise on the right fixtures for your window. Her professional fitters will measure up your windows and return to expertly install your finished curtains.

With so many beautiful fabrics to choose from, Pamela happily shares her extensive collection of pattern books, swatches and trimming samples with her clients.

Triple Pinch Pleat

Triple pinch pleats is a traditional and skilled method of finishing curtains. For formal rooms, they provide an elegant, sophisticated finish. They are the height of luxury as they require more fabric than other pleating methods.

Triple pleats look fabulous in drawing and dining rooms and work just as well with patterned or plain curtains, whether hung on tracks or poles.

Double Pinch Pleat

Double pinch pleats are a beautifully neat heading on plain or patterned curtains. They are visually elegant and hang beautifully whether open or closed. They require less fabric than their high-end cousin – the triple pinch pleat, but still look just as graceful. Double pinch pleats are suitable for tracks or poles and plain or patterned fabrics.


With no requirement for gathering or pleats, wave curtains neatly ripple and undulate along a special track. They are contemporary, sleek and unfussy, with the fabric evenly distributed whether they are open or closed. Wave curtains are particularly pleasing when they are full length in contemporary interiors.


Our bespoke eyelet curtains have evenly spaced riveted holes which thread along a pole. They ripple easily along the pole without the need for hooks or special tracks. Eyelet curtains are a firm favourite for a modern and understated style and have a relaxed simplicity about them. Eyelet rivets come in a variety of finishes and colours.

Curtain Lining

Linings provide an aesthetic purpose, giving your made to measure curtains more body. The folds and pleats will look soft and rounded. Linings serve practical purposes too, such as extra insulation, blocking out light and protecting your curtain fabric from sunlight damage. Linings are usually in neutral shades, but can be striped or coloured. Choose regular, thermal or blackout.

Curtain Interlining

Interlining is a third fabric which goes between the lining material and the curtain fabric. It helps
form full, luxurious and rounded pleats for a high-end finish. Interlined curtains also retain heat and
prevent heat loss, so are especially useful in older homes with traditional windows.

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