The integrity of your furniture may be fine, but cushions can become exhausted. Replacing flat and misshapen cushions brings a whole new lease of life to seating.



Cushion fillings are a personal choice about comfort or practicality, but can totally influence the overall look of your furniture. You might want to sink into deep feather filled cushions, or be supported on firm foam, or something in between.

Natural Feather

Opt for luxurious, dreamy down, or choose from feathers in various grades for different levels of softness.

Feather and Foam

For a little more support, choose a central foam core wrapped with billowy duck feathers.

Anti Allergy Fibre

For anti allergy or a lightweight, springy feeling, opt for man-made hollow fill or synthetic fibres.


For firmness, or for seating pads on benches or outside furniture, fire retardant foam is a good choice. Foam comes in more densities than you might think, so well worth exploring.

If you’re unsure what to choose, talk to Pamela.

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