Tracks & Poles

Wooden Poles Metal Poles Perspex Poles Finials Tracks Motorised Wave Tracks Cornice Tracks. The perfect pole and finials are an essential part of interior styling. They can make a real statement or add an informality to your windows. Of course, wooden poles, finials can be stained or painted.

For metal poles and finials, Pamela works with reputable manufacturers who work in perspex, brass, solid brass, brass coated, old brass, black iron, nickel or brushed nickel and silver. Ironwork poles are made by a foundry in Cheshire.


Metropole Poles

Metropole is a curtain pole that functions like a track except it has gliders contained inside the pole which smoothly carry the curtains. They can also be bent to fit curved and bay windows.



Our personal choice of track systems is either Silent Gliss, Integra or Cameron Fuller. They are reliable and unobtrusive. Hand Operated and Mechanised Tracks: Electric tracks are ideal for hard to reach or heavy curtains. They can be operated via a remote control, switch or app.

Shapes: Tracks can be bent for shaped and circular bays.

Colours: Track colours are white, cream, grey, bronze and black.


Bay Windows & Awkward Shapes

Some windows really do require extra careful and expert track fitting with the window shape and the weight of your curtains into consideration. Pamela’s experts take care of measuring up and the fitting of tracks and poles.

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